How can video marketing improve your search engine rankings? 

Video is a growing and important part of digital marketing, and it can help improve your search engine rankings. Using video in your SEO strategy can make a big impact on your rankings and increase conversions. However, you must use it effectively. Contact us to learn more about

Adding Schema Markup to Your Videos.

The inclusion of schema markup to your videos can increase the visibility of your video in Google’s “Videos” results. The markup tells Google what the video is about, thereby increasing the likelihood of it being displayed in these results. 

Adding keywords to your video’s title, description and tags can also help it rank better in search engines. This will ensure that people who find your video via search are more likely to click it and visit your website. 

Producing Videos That Evoke An Emotional Response.

You can create videos that make people laugh, educate them, amaze them, shock them or annoy them. These emotions will trigger people to want to share your video, either by clicking the share button or writing about it on their blog/website with a link back to your site. 

Making a Video for the right audience.

Your target market will be different for every video you produce. For example, a commercial for a product will be different than a product tutorial. These types of videos are designed to attract attention, highlight a few key benefits and persuade viewers to buy. 

A good video will have a strong storyline that will keep the viewer engaged and want to see more. The content should also be relevant to your business, products or services. 

When deciding what type of video to produce, you should also consider your audience and the stage they are in. For example, if you are an online retailer with products, product videos can help boost your sales. 

If your business is more service-oriented, explainer/introductory videos can be a great option. These videos can include a short introduction to your company, your mission statement, the culture of your team and what sets you apart from your competitors. 

There are several ways to promote your video, including social media sharing, email campaigns, and featuring experts in the video. These tactics can all help your video rank higher and increase conversions. 

Uploading Your Video to YouTube.

Once you’ve finished your video, upload it to YouTube to get the word out about it. It’s also a great way to build a brand and get more exposure, which can help improve your search engine rankings. 

YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world, and it’s owned by Google. This means that YouTube’s algorithm will take into account the metadata (title, description, categories) you enter for your video as well as the view time-related metrics to determine its relevance. 

Getting Video Views.

If you’ve produced a high-quality video, there’s no reason why your audience can’t share it with their friends and family. That’s where the real power of video marketing lies.