What is the Biggest Trend in Online Marketing Today? 

One of the biggest trends in online marketing today is conversational marketing, which combines artificial intelligence assistants and chatbots to improve customer service and generate leads. This technology enables businesses to respond to queries through natural language processing and has the added benefit of being available around the clock. In addition, the bots can escalate a conversation to a human call center or a company owner if necessary. It has opened up a vast audience for businesses and is expected to generate over $13 billion by 2021. 

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Content marketing 

According to a study published by Social Media Examiner, 58% of marketers use content marketing to promote their brands. Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic, improve conversion rates, and develop relationships with customers. Moreover, consumers expect brands to provide quality content to stay relevant to them. In addition to content, you can also consider hosting virtual events to build brand awareness and engagement. These events can be held in the form of webinars or live shows, which help to capture the attention of your target audience. 

The goal of content marketing is to attract consumers, engage them and convert them into paying customers. Engagement and trust are crucial factors in determining conversions. By creating content for all stages of the sales funnel, you can create brand ambassadors who share your content and spread the word about your brand. In addition, you can publish blog posts that share company news and information that is relevant to your industry. Similarly, you can create new service pages that target keywords and provide consumers with a closer look at your business. You can also share case studies that provide proof that your business is successful. 

Push notifications 

Push notifications are a powerful way to increase engagement with your website. For example, you can use them to let users know when their favorite products are back in stock. This helps you build a stronger relationship with your audience and can help boost your conversion rate. Another example of how you can use push notifications is for news websites. If your website is offering a news article, you can set up a push notification that tells users when the article they read is available again. 

Another benefit of push notifications is that your subscribers can opt in without giving up their contact information. This makes them ideal for short-term promotions or discounts. As long as you choose your target audience carefully, push notifications can be extremely effective. Just remember that it’s important to target these messages only to engage leads and to tailor them to their current position in the customer journey. Each browser will have a separate opt-in form for push notifications, so you need to be sure you choose one that fits your needs. 

Visual search 

Visual search has been around for a while, but only recently has it gained much attention from SEO experts. Visual search allows users to look up information using images rather than keywords. It works by searching for images on a website and presenting them with a variety of results. It is a growing trend and is expected to play a significant role in online business growth in the coming years. 

Visual search works by identifying objects and shapes in an image and searching for other images of the same type. It is a great tool for businesses that use a lot of images to promote their products. It also makes it easier for potential customers to find what they are looking for. For example, if a lead likes a particular chair, they can use that image to search for similar chairs. The current technology also allows the visual search to recognize multiple shapes and outlines within an image. 

AI-driven personalization 

The growth of AI has revolutionized digital marketing. Not only is it taking advantage of connected devices, like smartphones, but it also allows businesses to use voice recognition technology to better serve their customers. This technology allows brands to anticipate what customers want and need based on past searches, time on a website, and location. For example, if someone searches for a particular brand on a mobile app, they can receive a text message that asks them what they want to purchase. 

To use AI marketing to its fullest potential, advertisers must collect massive amounts of data about their customers. This data can come from the organization’s CRM, website data, or previous marketing campaigns. Further, they can supplement this data with third-party information, such as weather data and location data. In this way, brands can tailor their marketing messages to specific audiences. 

Video advertising 

Video advertising is a powerful way to connect with your customers. By creating videos that educate, entertain, and inform, you can avoid ad fatigue and increase your chances of being found online. With the help of SEO, your videos will be visible and catch the attention of potential leads. 

It is also a powerful way to supplement other marketing methods. Almost 87 percent of consumers use the internet to research products before making a purchase. Using video can push them to make the purchase, interact with the brand, and ultimately drive sales. A recent study revealed that people share videos more than any other format and that 84% of consumers were convinced to buy a product after watching a video.