What Are the Benefits of Short-Form Content? 

Short-form content is more readable and cost-effective than long-form content. It establishes brand awareness and is easier to read and understand. Short-form content is also a good choice for marketing on mobile devices. Here are the main benefits of this type of content: 1. Short-form content is mobile-friendly

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Short-form content is shorter than long-form content 

Creating content for two distinct audiences requires different lengths and formats. A B2B buyer’s content may require more information than a C2C buyer’s. Hence, long-form content is more effective for these customers, as it allows businesses to share more information. But, a C2C reader may be less inclined to read a long piece. 

Short-form content is easier to consume and read. It also has the advantage of being mobile-friendly. Short-form content typically has fewer than 1,200 words. In contrast, long-form content contains more details and takes more time to read. 

It’s easier to read 

Short-form content is easier to read, especially when it is on a mobile device. Long content can be difficult to read, especially on a small screen. In addition to being easier to read, short content is more mobile-friendly. More than 56% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. 

Short-form content is typically under 1000 words and can be found in blog posts, social media posts, and infographics. Short-form content is ideal for online marketing because it allows you to convey essential information in a shorter amount of time. It appeals to the short attention span of today’s consumers, who are looking for information in a concise format. 

It’s more cost-effective 

While many marketers shy away from longer copies for mobile devices, the truth is that people are constantly on their phones. That means that long articles are often hard to read on mobile devices. In such cases, it is beneficial to write content in a short format. This will help keep users’ eyes on the page. Also, short content is easier to digest. 

One great example of short-form content is the Apple iPhone SE 2020 ad. For just $399, this ad packs a lot of visual power and information in just 60 seconds. There are many studies out there comparing the effectiveness of long-form vs. short content, and most of them conclude that short content is more cost-effective in many cases. 

It helps establish brand awareness 

In an increasingly competitive online market, short-form content is a necessary component of a comprehensive content marketing strategy. This type of content has the potential to engage audiences on a more personal level, which is crucial for brand awareness. It also has the power to capture their attention by being relatable and emotionally appealing. In addition, short-form content helps brands remain in the conversation for a shorter period. If done correctly, short-form content can lead to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Moreover, short-form videos can create a sense of community among viewers. For example, brands can launch a brand challenge, entice users to try something new, or participate in a trend. Short-form content can be shared on a variety of platforms and is increasingly being used by brands across a variety of categories and industries. Short-form videos are particularly effective on social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.