What is a Keyword? 

A keyword is a word that has multiple meanings. Most keywords function as part of a semantic field that contains related words. However, they can also function as the principal word within a semantic field. For example, a keyword is a term that relates to the meaning of an article.

Meaning of ‘keyword’ 

The term ‘keyword’ has many meanings and is a figurative term that implies privileged access to a particular thing. For example, it is often used in the titles of reference works in technical fields. These works focus on particular words and make them the headwords of each entry, to emphasize the particular leverage they offer in understanding a given technical field. 

This dual meaning of ‘keyword’ is important for understanding the contemporary public debate. The way that ‘keywords’ are used differs between speakers, and these different interpretations can obscure socially significant arguments. 

Meaning of ‘keyword’ in computer languages 

Computer languages use keywords to specify specific actions. These words are often used in text editing systems or database management systems to refer to a specific record or document. Keywords can also be reserved for certain functions or commands. These words are used throughout the programming world and allow programmers to write more efficient code. 

In computer languages, keywords have predefined meanings and can only be used for the purpose they were intended for. In addition, keywords are part of the definition of the language and implement specific features of the language. In C, every word is classified as either an identifier or a keyword. In most languages, keywords can be upper or lowercase. 

Meaning of ‘keyword’ in English 

Keywords are terms that are commonly used in linguistic and cultural discourses. They can be a noun or a verb and they are often used to categorize cultural or social practices. While keywords can be very useful, they tend to be less concrete than other forms of words. They are more often general names for practices and theories that are important to a given culture. 

Keywords are also a form of the code word. They are informational words that are important to information retrieval systems. They are used in indexes to help find information. 

Meaning of ‘keyword’ in other languages 

A ‘keyword’ is a word that occurs more frequently in a text than by chance alone. To determine if a particular word is a keyword, a statistical test is used to compare its frequency in the text to its expected frequency in a larger corpus of text. Keywords are also characterized by the quality of their keyness in context. 

A ‘keyword’ may have different meanings in different languages depending on its context. It is used in database management systems and in text editing programs to identify a particular document or record. It can also refer to a parameter or command reserved for a particular language. This allows programmers to write their code more efficiently.