What Does an Online Marketer Do? 

Before you start to consider a career as an online marketer, you need to understand what this type of job entails. This includes the duties and hours of work, the education needed, and the salary. Here are some tips for starting a career as an online marketer. You must stay up-to-date with industry trends and information to be successful. Subscribe to various industry newsletters to keep up with the latest updates. Some of the top newsletters include Social Media Examiner, DigitalMarketer, and Simplilearn. 

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Work hours 

The work hours of an online marketer can vary based on the industry and the company they are employed. They may be required to work in the evenings or on weekends for certain tasks. These hours are dependent on the company’s size, position, and strategy. However, there are some common practices that digital marketers should follow to maximize their efficiency. These include following up on clients, preparing proposals, and creating marketing campaigns. 

Typical work hours are from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. However, some digital marketers work overtime, sometimes for as long as 10 hours per day. 

Education required 

Before you can become an online marketer, you need some education and training. A bachelor’s degree in digital media will give you a good grounding in the field. It will teach you about audience analysis, measurement, and how to create engaging content. Many of these programs can be completed online, which is convenient if you have a day job. Some programs are even accredited, meaning that they are an excellent choice for working adults or parents who can’t take time off from their jobs to attend classes. 

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, an aspiring digital marketer should also complete specialized coursework. This will sharpen their skills in the digital world and give them an edge. For example, a traditional college degree in marketing will give you an understanding of marketing theory and how to use it to effectively reach audiences. In addition, you’ll need to know about positioning and segmentation, which are essential in a digital marketing career. A bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration will teach you about these basic concepts and may even include a digital marketing course to give you a more hands-on education. 

Job Duties 

An online marketer is responsible for driving sales, increasing traffic, and generating leads for a company. This role also includes creating and managing a variety of content across online channels. Some of the tasks include developing a content strategy, creating website content, and scheduling content. Other job duties include tracking metrics and measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. 

A digital marketer develops and implements creative strategies to attract and retain customers. They must be familiar with social media and keep up with the latest industry trends. They also must be creative, possess strong writing skills, and have a passion for digital marketing. Certifications in digital marketing, website development, and search engine optimization are all beneficial. Some online marketers may also become certified in Google Analytics or Adwords. 


The salary of an online marketer varies widely depending on the location and the type of job. In a crowded city, marketers make more money than those in smaller towns or rural areas. For example, a marketer in San Francisco earns 33% more than a marketer in Denver. Moreover, marketers who have led teams at their companies will earn higher salaries. In addition, they may get better positions when they change jobs. 

Digital marketers who specialize in copywriting earn higher salaries than those who do not. These marketers are mostly based in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. Copywriters in Dallas, Texas, earn the least: 16% less than the national average. To increase their earning potential, copywriters can learn about SEO, which often influences the content goals of these marketing professionals.