Top 5 Factors Affecting Your SEO Performa 

Google looks for sites that load reliably and don’t change after they’re loaded. A cumulative layout shift, for example, occurs when items on a page load at different speeds. To avoid this, images and videos should all be the same size and load at the same rate. Animations should also be the same speed. In addition, content should be fresh and not inserted above or below previous content.

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Content quality 

Content quality is crucial to the success of any SEO campaign. Quality content has the power to bring in higher rankings for keywords and website pages. In addition, it also can entice readers to read more of your content. Google believes that content with high-quality content is more trustworthy and relevant to users’ needs. Content quality accounts for 26% of the algorithm’s factors. Therefore, it is essential to focus on the quality of content, whether it is an article or a blog post. 

To improve content quality, you must invest more time in its creation. Content quality is directly proportional to the time spent on it. In other words, the higher the time spent on content creation, the better quality it is. It is important to research your keywords, read the relevant material, and create content that is unique and helpful to your target audience. Besides, you should also add relevant images to enhance your content and make it more attractive to readers. 


One of the most important factors affecting your SEO performance is the freshness of your content. Google is actively tracking and comparing sites, and a fresher site is likely to rank higher in the search engine. You can check the freshness of your site by checking how recently the content published is. Also, you can calculate the average age of the results to determine which sites are fresher. Freshness can also be affected by the rate at which you publish new content. Publish new content as frequently as possible to increase your freshness score. 

One of the best ways to check the freshness of your content is by using Google Analytics and Search Console. These tools enable you to compare past months or even years to see where your content is losing traffic. Freshness can also be tracked by analyzing the behavior of users on your website. Look for trends in search queries and keyword traffic volumes. If you notice a decline in traffic, it may be due to a drop in the volume of a particular keyword. You may also see a reduction in traffic if your page has recently undergone an algorithm update. 

Internal linking structure 

If you are running an eCommerce website, the internal linking structure can be one of the most important factors to consider. The goal of internal linking is to make sure that the various pages on the website are related to each other and link to the most relevant parent category pages. Creating topic clusters within your site will help you achieve this. 

Optimizing the internal linking structure is a crucial element for the success of your site. It is not just about passing link equity, but it is also about making it easy for users to find the content they are seeking. By creating a proper structure, you’ll ensure that your users have an easy time finding the information they need. 


According to Google’s data, mobile devices account for more than 50% of web traffic. In the early years, desktop searches ruled the internet. But as smartphones became more widely used, mobile search grew in importance. Now, Google’s mobile algorithm heavily favors mobile-friendly sites. This change has impacted websites and SEO performance. Here’s how mobile-friendliness affects search rankings. 

To ensure your site is mobile-friendly, you should test all the pages of your website. This will help you avoid errors, which can affect both the user experience and the ranking performance in search results. Use a tool such as BrowserStack to test your pages on different browsers and devices. 


The Authority Score is an important factor to consider for any website, as it serves as a key indicator of the quality of a domain or webpage. If a domain has a higher Authority Score, it usually means it has more backlinks, higher monthly visits, more keywords, and more referring domains than its competitors. It may also mean that it has a better SEO strategy. 

The higher your Authority Score is, the more likely it is that your website will rank highly in search results. This can be achieved through several different methods, including creating high-quality content and sharing it on popular websites. You can also acquire backlinks through outreach and adding your website to directories.