What Are Anchor Texts? 

Anchor texts are clickable text that appears in a hyperlink. The term anchor was first used in HTML’s early specifications but is now referred to as an element. In contrast, a link is a text that links to another web page. Anchor texts can be used to increase page ranking and generate traffic.

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The most obvious distinction between do-follow and no follow anchor texts is the type of link that follows. A dofollow link passes its link juice to the target webpage, while a nofollow link does not. Using the rel attribute on the link to determine its type, will help you determine if a link is dofollow or nofollow. 

When choosing an anchor text, keep it relevant. Your anchor text should answer the question the reader is seeking to answer. It shouldn’t give the impression of spam. If your anchor text is relevant, it will increase the likelihood of a click. 


LSI anchor texts are a form of anchor text that helps a website appear higher in search engine results. This type of anchor text uses variations of your target keyword to increase your rankings. You can use an online tool, such as Google’s auto-suggest, to find LSI anchor texts that are related to your target keyword. 

To optimize a link, you must ensure that the anchor text is readable and easily understood by the reader. No one likes to read a long, blue unwinding URL, so make sure your anchor texts are easy to understand and relevant to your content. Also, do not overload your anchor text with too many links as this will confuse the audience. 

Linking to other pages 

When linking to other pages, it is imperative to provide appropriate and agreed-upon content. It is also crucial to maintain the natural flow of writing and avoid keyword stuffing. This is particularly important in time-sensitive content, as the Penguin update penalizes sites that overoptimize their anchor texts and hyperlinks. 

To create an anchor link, first, select a target page. Click on the Content Tree and select the page you wish to link. Then click on the Hyperlink Manager icon to open the Hyperlink tab. 


The relevance of anchor texts is a fundamental issue in search engine optimization and online content creation. Google’s co-founders wrote about it in one of their project documents. Since then, anchor texts have become a basic SEO tool. This article will provide you with an overview of what anchor text is and how it can help you improve your SEO efforts. 

When using anchor texts, make sure that you use phrases that relate to the main keyword. This will increase the relevancy of your content. 


Anchor texts for keyword stuffing were penalized by Google in 2012. This is a result of the Penguin update, which decreased the rankings of various link-building techniques. One of the more prominent spammy practices was the use of the same keyword in on and off-site links. The practice had grown out of control among overzealous white-hat and black-hat SEOs. 

To avoid keyword stuffing, choose natural anchor texts that relate to the content of the page. The anchor text should have at least three words, and it should not be the same every time. This is a form of keyword stuffing and should be avoided at all costs.