How Can I Learn Free SEO? 

If you want to learn SEO, there are a lot of free courses available. The key is to make sure you choose a course that will provide you with a thorough understanding of the subject. 

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A good course will include a variety of topics and cover everything from the fundamentals to the latest trends. It will also be regularly updated to incorporate user feedback and include new content as it becomes available. 

There are many different ways to learn SEO, but a few of the most popular methods are through online courses, video tutorials, and other self-guided learning platforms. These resources offer a great way to improve your knowledge of the subject, and they are also a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with real-world SEO strategies and tactics. 

These online learning platforms offer a range of options for beginners to advanced students who are looking to enhance their skills and build their resumes. They also offer paid courses for those who are serious about getting into the field. 

Moz offers a series of SEO courses that cover all the basics in simple, easy-to-follow video lessons. The instructor, Rand Fishkin, is very skilled at breaking down complex concepts in a way that makes them understandable. 

This course is free to watch, and it’s a great way to start learning the basics of SEO. It covers keyword research, content marketing, and link-building strategies. 

HubSpot Academy partnered with Moz to create a comprehensive SEO course that covers all of the basic concepts and best practices for a website’s SEO. It is perfect for busy marketing professionals and small business owners who need a quick and thorough introduction to SEO. 

Another free resource is Yoast’s Premium + Academy. This free course is great for WordPress users who are just starting out in the world of search engine optimization. It lays the groundwork for the paid SEO certification, which is more comprehensive and includes lessons on off-page aspects like social media marketing and content marketing. 

The course is split into four modules, and it is worth watching the first module. It’s a great overview of the foundations of SEO, including a brief explanation of the various ranking factors that Google uses. 

Semrush is another excellent resource for learning the basics of SEO, but this time with a focus on technical aspects. It has been around for a long time and is full of valuable information, including popular SEO tools. 

Traffic Think Tank has a whole bunch of process content and free tools, including webinars, templates, and more. It’s also a community that offers some cool resources you won’t find elsewhere and is an excellent place to get started with SEO. 

This is one of the better resources for SEO training, especially for those who are looking to get into the field quickly and are willing to invest in their education. They offer a variety of different courses, and the prices are affordable and are offered on a subscription basis for teams.